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Was it really 3 years ago since I started podcasting? I can’t say enough thanks to Eric for adding back the podcast episodes onto his feed. Eric mailed me after episode one, wrote a theme tune which I stupidly dropped for something shorter (it was awesome) and has been a good friend and mentor.  The microphone used for Episode 1 cost £3 and it shows....

One thing I wanted to mention about Episode 1 was my list of Podcast rules. I cringe when I remember back and I can’t listen to it.  I came from listening to BBC and Newspaper podcasts to Dr Who podcasts and I didn’t like the discussion format at the time, I wasn’t used to it.  How stupid do I feel now?  Who am I to criticise anybody’s podcast?  Special apology to Chris Burgess from Radio Free Skaro who made a constructive and positive comment on ep1 despite me complaining RFS was too long. I didn’t take the comment well. What have I learnt about podcasting?  It takes massive dedication which I didn’t have. In summary: I am a bit of a cock so please take that into account when listening to Ep1.

30 Oct 2012 JB

Cyber Testicle


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