MHC #74 Something, Something, Hartnell

205 days until Gally 24!


  • Welcome to Mostly Harmless Cutaway Seventy-Four featuring hosts: Eric, Josh, Kyle, and Paul! This was never intended to be part of the MHC canon—it's actually the conversation that took place after the recording of MHC #73 which took place March 30, 2012.
  • Chris Sigma (@theoodcast) isn't in this episode, but here he is standing next to that curious looking spider-web wall inside the TARDIS at the 'official' Doctor Who covention held in Cardiff March 24-25, 2012. ----->
  • We discuss the Hartnell era and why you should love it. Other topics include: Kinda, The Time Meddler, the fate of Katarina, Doctor Who's 'Golden Age' according to Kyle, Season 17, among other irreverent items.
  • Hartnell coverart by Julian.


  • This discussion contains miscellaneous, Sherlock, Torchwood, new WHO, and Classic SPOILERS pertaining to Doctor Who. If you are 100% spoilerphobic to New & Classic epsiodes not yet seen, do not complain to us. This episode is MOSTLY HARMLESS & contains EXPLICIT terms and as always expect strokes of innuendo throughout.



  • Ok, maybe one S-bomb got by the censors.
  • COMING: MHC #75 The Armageddon Factor (commentary)




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