MHC #11 Amy's Choice 31.7

T minus 2 days until The Hungry Earth.


Welcome to this, the 11th Hitchhiker's Guide to the Whoverse: Mostly Harmless Cutaway. Today Eric & special guest co-host Cat (@fancyfembot) break down the newest, latest, and greatest Doctor Who episode Amy's Choice. Cat is the hostess & creater of the Sci-Fi Party Line Podcast where they talk about a currenty sci-fi in movies & television. Never fear, Megan should be returning soon as she got caught in a stray time eddy.

WARNING:  This review/discussion contains very dreamy SPOILERS, ahh-choo!

Thanks so much to James (@JamesNaughton), co-host of the Doctor Who @Podshock podcast for providing this episode's intro. He's one of the kindest, most jovial, benevelont people you could ever meet in person. We certainly feel his contribution puts the York in our Peppermint Pattie. Never have you met a kinder more sincere chap in person. Please follow the twitter links to check out their podcasts although chances are you already have because they're the oldest, longest running, & most downloaded Doctor Who podcast to date.

Disclaimer: Now here's the part where we list some of Eric's pathetic factual gaffes in this week's ep, or as we like to call them: 'Intentional' production errors or Easter Eggs: 1) Eric incorrectly refers to actor Toby Jones (The Dream Lord) as Tom Jones. 2) Eric calls her Mrs. Potter rather than Mrs. Poggit. 3) When Eric was referring to the wonderful violin piece composed by @murraygold he incorrectly pointed toward Rory's exit scene. While it too contains a wonderful piece of music, it is a piano which is heard prevalently at that point. The piece with the violin is actually played backing the beautiful kiss scene - Oh my hearts -  





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