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And now for something completely different...

Welcome to this, the first Mostly Harmless Cutaway.  Like the rest of the universe it was created with more of a whimper than a bang really. What? This wasn't what you signed up for? This isn't your beloved Hitchhiker's Guide to the Whoverse? Firstly, DON'T PANIC. Secondly, note the title: "Mosty" - "Harmless" - "Cutaway." We thought it a very apt name as it's description is written right there on the outside of the box. No intended misdirection on our part.

If you listen, (and we're sure you will) you'll hear it explained that this is simply a slight deviation from our traditional podcast format you may be accoustumed to by now. This is our producer (if you in fact believe that we have one) breaking down that 4th wall and speaking to you directly about whatever might be on his mind pertaining to the Whoverse et al.

In this MHC Eric interviews a new friend he made at the Gallifrey One convention. Megan (@meganhibner) is a cosplayer and at Gally 21 she dressed up as Sarah Jane Smith from The Hand of Fear. Also check out Megan's The Channel of Rassilon on YouTube. Remember her name, this may not be the last we hear from her...

Special thanks to John Brannigan from the Cyber Testicle Podcast for our 1st guest intro. And while you're at it, why not congradulate him on his new baby via twitter? (@cybertesticle) We've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: His is the freshest of the new batch of Doctor Who podcasts out there. And by freshest we mean most putrid, but adoringly & most entertainingly so.

Expect more MHC's in the near future, but not only that. Perhaps next Friday (3/26) we shall re-release our condensed Minute Waters of Mars (review) from the Sci-Fi Party Line vault followed by our Too Minute End of Time the Friday after (4/2) in preparation for Matt Smith's opening story The Eleventh Hour premeireing on the BBC. And yes, somewhere in there, or after, or yesterday, we shall release HHG2W #5 Hiatus. Yes, we also thought that a very appropriate title as well. ;^) 

Disclaimer: We, the makers of this fine audio program in no way take any responsibity for was has just transpired... unless you liked it. There was at least 1 faux paus committed during recording of this episode, some of you may or may not notice it. For those who do, we can conditionally promise that it is highly improbable that particular something will ever happen again. Unfortunately, due to the never ceasing recession we have been forced to cut 58% of our staff. Despite such losses we are still offering this podcast to you free of charge! Please repay us by leaving a kind comment on iTunes. Or lastly, if all else fails...



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