MHC #22.1 Mindwarp 23.5|145.1

T minus 151 days until The 2010 Christmas Special.


Welcome to -> HHG2W: Mostly Harmless Cutaway 22.1 <- Today Eric & co-host Josh Zimon's (@whomeJZ) saga continues as they attempt part 5 of their Doctor Who season 23 The Trial of a Time Lord commentary. Prepare yourself for Mindwarp story 145 part 1.

This episode's artwork was provided by big time friend-of-the-show: Julian Chapman (@Braxietel) who is also pictured at right ----> in these show notes. You can check out much more of his work here: ~Type40Productions

WARNING: This commentary contains SPOILERS pertaining to Season 23 from October 4-25, 1986. 


We have a long a way to go....



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