MHC #24 A Study in Pink 1.1 | The Blind Banker 1.2

T minus 121 days until The 2010 Christmas Special.


Welcome to -> HHG2W: Mostly Harmless Cutaway 24 <- Today Eric & returning guest-host Julian tackle something too big for their britches. Prepare yourselves as we inadequately tackle the first 2 parts of the recent EXTREMELY brilliant Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss collab tele version trilogy SHERLOCK. Specifically that would be A Study in Pink & The Blind Banker. 

WARNING:  If you have NOT yet watched SHERLOCK (2010) just STEP AWAY FROM THE IpOD NOW! This commentary contains miscellaneous SHERLOCK, NüWho & Classic SPOILERS pertaining to a whole smattering of canon. If you are 100% spoilerphobic to New & Classic epsiodes not yet seen DO NOT complain to us. And as always there are strokes of innuendo throughout. If you're familiar with our discussions / reviews / commentaries you should've expected as much. This episode contains EXPLICIT language, thoughts, & ideas!


  • Both hosts were entirely knackered while recording this episode.
  • Can you tell?
  • Eric said Pink Orchid when he meant Black Orchid.
  • Eric said Time Flight when he meant Timelash.
  • Do any of these items seem familar? We accidentally listed them on a prior episode.
  • Thailand is obviously not to be confused with Taiwan. 2 Asian countries that couldn't be more different.
  • These are, but a few of the descrepancies we caught.
  • Neither host has a racist bone in his body (that we are aware of).
  • Both hosts were entirely knackered while recording this episode.

Julian: I'd really be shocked if Anderson wasn't the doctors companion in series 6...




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