MHC #2 Series 5 Trailers & Clips

T minus 5 days until The Eleventh Hour.


Welcome to this, the 2nd Mostly Harmless Cutaway. Today Eric & Megan break down the newest, latest, and greatest Doctor Who series 5 trailers and clips. They discuss:

  • The 3D / vortex cinematic trailer.
  • The combined BBCA extended montage + The most recent Jonathan Ross trailer
  • BBC News TARDIS crashed in the Garden clip.
  • The Vampires in Venice clip.
  • Opening moments of The Eleventh Hour clip.


[All of these trailers, clips, & more can be found here:]

Thanks so much to Chip (@2minutetimelord) from the Two-minute Time Lord podcast for providing this episode's intro. We certainly feel his contribution adds a bit of gravitas to our humble program. Please follow the links and check out his awesome concentrated commentaries on the world of Doctor Who.

Also thanks to Radio Free Skaro for getting many of these recent series 5 clips & trailers up on their website in swift order. We really appreciate your efforts.

Disclaimer: Yes we realize that this still isn't you're beloved Hitchhiker's Guide to the Whoverse. Well, were you aware that series 5 of Doctor Who is imminent? We don't know about you, but we are super excited over here and we'd really like to talk about the new show, record our thoughts, and post them on our feed. We'd really love for all of you, our listeners, to hang around and give the new format a chance, but we understand if it's not your cup of tea. We are planning to do a ~15-20 minute MHC / Review / Discussion for each and every series 5 ep airing for approximately the next 14 weeks, hopefully to be released by that Monday following the UK/BBC airing. There are still remaining backlog HHG2W in addition to those we will continue to create so stay tuned, they will eventually appear on this feed. We hope all of you find our plans and endeavors worthwhile, this is going to be a very, very busy season for us to try and crank the podcasts out in a timely, current, and relevant matter. Please strap yourselves in, hold on tight, and whatever you do...



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