MHC #4 The Eleventh Cutaway

T minus 1 day until The Beast Below.

Welcome to this, the 4rd HHG2W: Mostly Harmless Cutaway. This episode was never supposed to exist. Think of it as a random bowl of petunias or miraculously improbable sperm whale that really serves no other purpose, but to simply be. Today Eric & Megan... well mostly Eric goes nuts with some crazy potential series 5 / Moffat fanboy conspiracies that have been permeating his brain. Not only that, but Eric also shares 1 important point he failed to bring up during our previous Doctor Who series 5 episode, The Eleventh Hour review. WARNING: this discussion contains SPOILERS or at the very least we assume you have already seen The Eleventh Hour.

During this show we make special mention of and highly recommend the Radio Free Skaro podcast, especially their Eleventh Hour reaction episode #192 - Operation Golden Hour. Coincidentally guesting on that episode was Tacyon TV podcast's very own Neil Perryman (@neilperryman). Please check out his fantastic collaborative Doctor Who Blog: Behind the Sofa. Primarily his Eleventh Hour review: Up to Eleven...

For those unaware, this is not the only podcast Eric is a part of. He got started in podcasting regularly over on the Sci-Fi Party Line podcast where Doctor Who & Torchwood et al are occasionally reviewed. You can find their most recent Doctor Who review here:

[Sci-Fi Party Line #58 Doctor Who: Eleventh Hour]

Disclaimer: Sorry for the extra heavy dose of bloviation. Sorry if that's just not your cup of tea. If not, that is the exact reason this episode exists all on its own, so as not to bother or encroach upon our forthcoming review of The Beast Below. Look for it sometime Sunday evening or Monday at the latest. You gotta give Megan a pat on the back for being such a team player by volunteering to be the designated captive audience for Eric's fanboy musings. She didn't so you shouldn't: Follow her example and...




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