MTC #1 Anywhere

Mostly Testicle Cutaway #1: Anywhere


Once in a while something most improbable can happen. This happens to be 1 of those whiles. This unholy creation is a collaborative production between John (@cybertesticle) & Eric (@Bullitt33). It is a satirical Doctor Who parody based on a scene in The Eleventh Hour. John is responsible for writing & performing the script, while Eric pretty much laid out all the rest. Can you believe they make these things for fun? Warning: This skit contains EXPLICIT language. This type of humor is not recommended for the very young or uptight WHO fan!

John is the creator of The Cyber Testicle Podcast and long time friend of the show. We aren't exaggerating when we say his is the most unique Doctor Who podcast around. Give it a sample and you'll understand. This sketch is an example of some of the kinds of things you will find on his feed.

Disclaimer: Whether you like it or not, you may never see one of these things ever again. Not unless you convince us otherwise. The idea to do it was literally born on a camping trip we went on last summer.  We trekked to a nearby pond to try and catch some supper. We brought fishing wire & hooks, but had to fashion our own rods. While John was trimming & whittling his branch his hand suddenly slipped, knife in palm, and suddenly slashed the crotch of his trousers. We said, 'John, are you alright mate?' Grimace on face he spoke: 'It's mostly testicle cutaway.' To which we exclaimed...


Creator/Producer: Eric Escamilla
Email: bullitt33 ~at~ gmail ~dot~com
Skype username: bullitt33
Twitter: @Bullitt33
Facebook: Bullitt33

Co-host: Megan Hibner 
Email: meganhibner ~at~ gmail ~dot~com
Twitter: @meganhibner 

Email: guidetothewhoverse ~at~ gmail ~dot~com
Twitter: @HHG2W

Voicemail: 773-336-2686
Twitter: @SciFiPartyLine
Facebook: Sci-Fi Party Line

The MHC theme was created by Eric Escamilla.
The MHC coverart was created by Cat (@fancyfembot).

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