SFPL #39 The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith 3.5-6

60 days until the 2010 Christmas Special.

STRAIGHT from the SFPL vault:

  • In preperation for our forthcoming Sarah Jane Adventure, we present to you this archival Sci-Fi Party Line podcast episode that orginally went out 11.8.09




[original show notes]

Sci-Fi Party Line #39 SJA & DW

In this episode we talk about David Tennant’s guest appearance in the Sarah Jane Adventures episode ‘The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith.’ We rip into the released clip of the animated Doctor Who micro serial Dreamland. We collectively shake our heads at the Doctor Who special ‘Planet of the Dead,’ but look forward to ‘Waters of Mars.’ We express concerns and expectations of the 11th Doctor, Matt Smith. Our discussion concludes with talk of Torchwood‘s fate. We briefly touch on some of the classics as well.

We are honored to have Louis Trapani of Podshock, the longest running Doctor Who podcast, as our special guest on this episode.
Website: The Gallifreyan Embassy
Twitter: @LouisTrapani or @Podshock

This episode contains light spoilers throughout, speculation, random time loops and recursion paradoxes. Mind your cloister bell!

Playing out the show is the song ‘K9′s Lament’ by the Trock band Chameleon Circuit.

Just for fun, see if you can spot the obscure Teddy Ruxpin reference.

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