TT #17 Dalek Restroom Cutaway

TARDIS Tavern #17: Dalek Restroom Cutaway


With a little help from our friends... 

Podcest is such a wonderful thing; That interconnection we all share as part of the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance.  We were recently listening to our pals Steve & Sean's latest TARDIS Tavern podcast. Since its inception back in November '09, their program has been steadily growing, improving, & finding it's own place among the pantheon of WHO 'casts out there now. This Blue Guy thuroughly enjoyed their recent Dalek potty humor sketch & immeditately asked for permission to publish it here on the Guide to the Whoverse feed for all of you to enjoy should you partake. This is only a small excerpt however, the bulk of this episode is actually a half druken review of the Second Doctor's first story Power of the Daleks. Honestly it was, but a mere coinicdence that the 'Two WHO Drool' just happened to preselect reviewing this classic story right on the heels of the newest Dalek story Victory of the Daleks airing.

Be sure to listen to the entire TARDIS Tavern Episode 17 The Victory of the Power of the Daleks which can be found here. Warning: This skit contains EXPLICIT language along with some crude humor, but honestly no more crude than that found in RTD's Aliens of London / World War Three.

We'd really like to thank Steve & Sean again for allowing us to feature this clip on our feed. (Mostly) every week they hit up their locak WHO tavern & review a classic story while inbibing Pan-Galactic Gargle Blasters. Quite an interesting mix of conflicting interests if you ask us. 

Disclaimer: Should you still have any more rants, complaints, or comments please direct them to:

ATTN: Sean -> or reach him via twitter: @tardistavern

And for all those still wondering the answer to that ultimate question of life, the universe, and Megan's singleness all we can say is... 




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