Genesis Oh my, how did this happen?

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Whoverse had it's origins way back in 2006 when I was trying to come up with a way to participate in my 1st & favorite podcast of the time Doctor Who: Podshock. I made a few initial entries before the rest of my life caught up with me. Thus began a production hiatus that lasted until 2009. I was out of the "game" so to speak because I was actually without a computer of my own for much of 2007 up until spring 2009. Thanks to Cat (@fancyfembot) I was finally brought out of retirement and "properly" introduced to the production side of making a podcast. The Sci-Fi Party Line podcast was my first opportunity to really flex & hone in my podcast audio editing/producing skills.

Enter Bridging the Rift:

Just last night, as I'm writing this, I was listening to Bridging the Rift #14. I was very surprised when I suddenly heard co-host Nat (@thirtysix) mention my humble Doctor Who audio project HHG2W. He reiterated an idea I had been pondering myself for a while now. Up until now, new entries of the HHG2W were randomly inserted into episodes of Podshock (@Podshock). During the podcast discussion, Nat brought up the desire to have the HHG2W made available on it's very own feed. Nice and convenient bite sized morsels one could keep readily available on their iPod.

Well here we are.

To date there are 6 pre-existing episodes of the HHG2W. I will present them here on this feed and add more once they are made and after each respective entry has premiered on Podshock. Unfortunately, I don't anticipate new episodes debuting very often. It takes considerable time for me to research, write, record, and produce each new installment. Plus, in addition to HHG2W, the majority of my free time is dedicated to producing the "mother" program: Sci-Fi Party Line. I also reserve the right to add other Doctor Who related audio flights-of-fancy (I produce) to this feed when I feel so inclined.


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