SFPL #46.2 Too Minute End of Time

T minus 1 day until The Eleventh Hour.

In preparation for Matt Smith's opening story The Eleventh Hour premiering on the BBC, here is a re-release our condensed The End of Time (review) from the Sci-Fi Party Line vault. The full SFPL WoM review can be heard here. As we all know, tomorrow (Easter Eve) is the big day. As stated in our last Mostly Harmless Cutaway we shall be reviewing each and every series 5 story once they air. Our plan is to post our reviews on the feed no later than Monday following each new show. This is the most ambitious undertaking we've ever attempted so please wish us luck. We'll see you on the other side...

The Cyber Testicle Podcast's own (hilarious) 1 minute EoT Part 1 review can be found here. Be warned: it contains explicit language.

This preview features contributions from: Jeff (@The_BORG), Will (@LW_Will), Eric (@Bullitt33) and Cat (@fancyfembot). Doctor Who on BBC America



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