Shada Cutaway

T minus 6 days until Flesh and Stone.


Contrary to common belief, Eric & Megan set to record a mid-week Victory of the Daleks Cutaway this last Thrusday April 22nd. Unfotunately a conspiring cosmos was working against them. Firstly a certain producer of this show's computer decided to go on the Fritz Tuesday. Following which he proceded to stay awake for 26 hrs striaght before recording would commence.

It was not our brightest hour. What ensued was something little resembling our strandard podcast format. For 2.5 hrs the misery edured, failing attention + hallucinations leading to many and frequent resets, redos, and restarts. We had hoped that the edit bay might be able to salvage some carcass of a show from the wreckage, but alas fate & destiny weren't finshed with us yet. Apparently somebody forgot to push that little red button marked 'Record,' so all was for naught. So much 'Dalek Cutaway' prep & stress-work down the tube with the rest of the refuse.

Let us assure you that we feel thuroughly refreshed & recharged now and recording of our The Time of Angels shall take place later today as originally planned. Perhaps we shall produce an extra beefy mid-week cutaway in coming days to help atone for our carelessness. Despite our mishap, fortunately cooler heads prevailed as we made use of another red button within reach, this one imprinted with the bold words:



-Blue Guy
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