MHC #10 The Vampires of Venice 31.6

T minus 2 days until Amy's Choice. 


Welcome to this, the 10th Hitchhiker's Guide to the Whoverse: Mostly Harmless Cutaway. Today Eric & Megan break down the newest, latest, and greatest Doctor Who episode The Vampires of Venice.

 WARNING:  This review/discussion contains very hydrated SPOILERS.

Thanks so much to Louis (@LouisTrapani), Founder of the Gallifreyan Embassy (@GEmbassy) and creator of the Doctor Who @Podshock podcast for providing this episode's intro. We certainly feel his contribution adds a bit of Long Island twang our otherwise plain iced tea. Please follow the twitter links and check out his many other projects. After all, he is the 'Podfather,' so can you really refuse?

Disclaimer: We're finally getting on track back here in the editing bay. We had a few hardware hiccups, but things are really falling into place. In case you weren't aware, this is our 2nd PC-free podcast. Because we're starting to get back into the flow we may get to do a mid-week Cutaway prior to Amy's Choice. We'll hopefully get to share some feedback & comments with the rest of our listeners who don't actually take the time to visit the show notes here at Please keep it coming as it's been pretty slim pickens since Victory of the Daleks. Just because it seems like you wrote & sent something in ages ago and we don't get to it doesn't mean we won't. KBO and...





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