MHC #13 Cold Blood 31.9

T minus 5 days until Vincent and the Doctor.


Welcome to this, the 13th Hitchhiker's Guide to the Whoverse: Mostly Harmless Cutaway. Today Eric & returning special guest co-host Josh Zimon (@whomeJZ) break down the newest, latest, and greatest Doctor Who episode Cold Blood. Contrary to what John Branigan believes, Josh actually is a sentient human being & we're so glad he could join us on the podcast again today.

WARNING:  This review/discussion contains tear jerking SPOILERS!

 Special thanks to John Brannigan (@cybertesticle) from the Cyber Testicle Podcast for providing this episode's intro. We've said it once, we've said it a thousand times: His is the freshest of the new batch of Doctor Who podcasts out there. And by freshest we mean most putrid, but adoringly & most entertainingly so.


It wasn't our intention to make an episode in excess of 1hr, but what can you do, how much can you cut? If you liked this episode please let us know somehow. If you didn't, tell us how we can make it better. We can't gurantee we'll follow you're advice, but we'll certainly listen. Another query: What shall we do on this feed following the conclusion of series 5? If you have any suggestions we'd like to hear those as well. We have a few ideas & may experiment with different things, but in the meantime: 





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