MHC #19 The 24MTL Cutaway

T minus 179 days until The 2010 Christmas Special.

Welcome to this, the 19th Hitchhiker's Guide to the Whoverse: Mostly Harmless Cutaway. Today Eric flies solo directly into his reaction to Two-Minute Time Lord Podcast episode 144. If you haven't already, please give Chip's Podcast and particularly this episode 144 where Chip postulates why Series 5 was made for the box set. Eric attempts to expand upon this premise of a 'box set series' that in hindsight appears to be greater than the sum of it's parts. He then continues to reflect upon and contrast the differences in character development under the tutelage of both RTD & Steven Moffat.
 This podcast contains
SPOILERS pertinent to Series 5 overall in general.


We're sorry. So, so sorry. It was our intention for this to be quick 6 minute response, but as you can see bloviation was the order of the day. We promise MHC #20 will be more than double in length so please...




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