MHC #20 The Big Bang 31.13

T minus 171 days until The 2010 Christmas Special.


Welcome to this, the 20th Hitchhiker's Guide to the Whoverse: Mostly Harmless Cutaway. Today Eric & returning special guest co-host Josh Zimon (@whomeJZ) break down the newest, latest and greatest Doctor Who episode The Big Bang . And joining us is Sean (@tardistavern) [WHO loved the series 5 finale] & virgin on our show Steve (@SteveTARDIStvrn) from The TARDIS Tavern Podcast.

WARNING: This review/discussion contains SPOILERS and you don't want to mess with River. No really, you DON'T! Also not the rare EXPLICIT tag on this particular episode and please thank our guests for the very seldom curse word. A worthy trade off we think.

Special thanks to Paul (@KungFuYoda?) from The Pharos Project Podcast for providing this episode's intro. 


Absolutely NO alcohol was consumed during this recording session and oh btw: Sean likes the Slitheen...





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