MHC #23.1 Terror of the Vervoids 23.9|146.1

T minus 135 days until The 2010 Christmas Special.


Welcome to -> HHG2W: Mostly Harmless Cutaway 23.1 <- Today Eric & co-host Josh Zimon's saga continues as they attempt part 9 of their Doctor Who season 23 The Trial of a Time Lord commentary/adventure. Prepare yourself for Terror of the Vervoids, story 146 part 1.

This episode's coverart was promptly provided by: Julian Chapman (@Braxietel). You will find more of Julian's work here: ~Type40Productions

WARNING: This commentary contains SPOILERS pertaining to Season 23 from November 1-22, 1986. 

We mention the passing of the @Cybertesticle Podcast near the start, but at the time of this release we are pleased to report the show has been somewhat ressurected, Hooray! The CTP show may be found here: or look for it on iTunes.


Josh's favorite key in which to sing is F#...  




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