MHC #?? Julian Chapman vs. the World

116 days until the 2010 Christmas Special.

BASED on a true story:

  • Once in a while we get talked into doing something we really don't want to do. This is one of those times. What follows is yet anohter excursion into that place we should really stop visiting: 'The Insomnia Zone.' Apparently inspired by a combination of his recent outing to see the film Scott Pilgrim vs. the World AND a recent [excellent] parody of MHC in The @PharosProject podcast ep 19 (24:09), Julian sought to live up to his tagline and produce a little bit of shite poking some fun at the podcast while being ALL ABOUT HIM at the same time.
  • Improvisational dialog was provided by @Braxietel. All the other [important] crap, ie soundesign [that took inordinate man-hours] was produced by @Bullitt33.


  • That's right kiddies; As this came from the deprived mind of Braxietel it does contian EXPLICIT thoughts & language. Hide the Time Tots.


  • Our next release will be a brand new commentary series...



Host/Producer: Eric Escamilla
Email: EscoWHO ~at~ gmail ~dot~com
Skype username: Bullitt33
Twitter: @Bullitt33

Co-host: Josh Zimon
Email: whomeJZ ~at~ yahoo ~dot~com
Twitter: @whomeJZ

Coverart/Sketch Artist: Julian Chapman
Email: samwisewise ~at~ gmail ~dot~com
Twitter: @ Braxietel

Mostly Harmless Cutaway
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Twitter: @DoctorWhoMHC
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