HHG2W #4 The Mona Lisa

The Da Vinci Code was quite popular at the time this entry was originally produced. What a preposterous work of fiction that was. It's rather more interesting to note the Doctor's role in the production of the mulitple [authentic] copies of this noteworthy work of art. What? You weren't aware the painting hanging in the Louvre is a copy? Listen on weary traveller...

We now present to you our 4th entry originally produced August 20, 2006. Look for HHG2W #5 Hiatus to appear on this feed approximately February 27, 2010. Eek! We'll be at Gallifrey 21 during this time. If we're lucky we might grab some audio from the convention for this feed.


  1. City of Death* Story #105
  2. *According to Wikipedia: 'City of Death is believed to be the earliest produced Doctor Who story for which every credited cast member is still living.'
  3. Being an archival entry of sorts, we in no way make reference to the more recent misadventures of Sarah Jane Smith concerning this iconic painting.
  4. This entry was written by David Agnew.

Disclaimer: As this episode was originally produced in 2006 disregard the links mentioned. If you are in any way dissatisfied with our product please please bake a strawberry filled vanilla cake with the words "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Whoverse!" clearly enscribed in the icing. Upon smelling the wafting scent your confection we shall promptly refund your money. It is very important that you fill the cake with strawberry!!!



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