CT #9 Who would you choose to go to Slough?

144 days until The 50th Anniversary Special!


  • BIG FINISH special............I guess a look a the first few releases in the BIG FINISH Lost Stories range. What were the best BIG FINISH stories of 2009? What are the odds on you becoming the next BIG FINISH scriiptwriter? News is provided by Doctor Who Magazine and there is a glimpse of a new BIG FINISH range. -CT


  • Uncut - Unrated - Unrelenting
  • This discussion contains Big Finish, new WHO, and classic SPOILERS pertaining to Doctor Who. If you are 100% spoilerphobic to new & classic epsiodes not yet seen, do not complain to us. This episode is POLITICALLY INCORRECT & contains EXPLICIT terms and as always expect strokes of innuendo throughout.


  • Due to orginal date of recording/release, any web links, email addresses, etc. offered may not work.
  • COMING SOON: CT #10...


Cyber Testicle


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